X Line Spas

A spa product at the highest level, uncompromisingly high standards: the Villeroy & Boch Jacuzzi represents comfort, design, and innovation for pure pleasure. With its diverse range of jets, the X series offers everything you need for a varied hydrotherapy experience.

The X series guarantees the best in terms of performance: from design to execution, ease of operation to energy efficiency. The perfect jacuzzi for anyone who has discovered health, for maximalists who expect the best performance for their budget, and even for individualists who are looking for something special.

The X series has high standards, and this includes the possibility of choosing between a variety of models with many stainless-steel jets with different arrangements and functions. Moreover, you can enjoy features such as an illuminated waterfall, comfortable headrests, and design details that help clean the water easily and naturally – from the Ozonator to the large filter to sophisticated technology.

The X series allows you to add optional accessories such as an audio system that supports Bluetooth for maximum listening pleasure.

The smartphone can be placed in a box designed to prevent the device from getting wet to input the music tracks you want to listen to, and the speakers for sound. They were integrated into the design of the jacuzzi and provided relaxing and enjoyable moments.


Seats: 7
Dimensions: 239/239/97cm
Weight with cover dry: 344kg
Weight with cover filled: 2184kg
Capacity to the line: 1840L
Capacity max: 2314L
Pump performance: Two 2HP pumps


Seats: 5
Dimensions: 203/224/86cm
Weight with cover dry: 260kg
Weight with cover filled: 1149kg
Capacity to the line: 1189L
Capacity max: 1684L
Pump performance: One 2.5HP pump


Seats: 5
Dimensions: 201/92cm
Weight with cover dry: 228kg
Weight with cover filled: 1130kg
Capacity to the line: 1102L
Capacity max: 1300L
Pump performance: One 2.5HP pump


Seats: 3
Dimensions: 173/213/79cm
Weight with cover dry: 206kg
Weight with cover filled: 1096kg
Capacity to the line: 890L
Capacity max: 1212L
Pump performance: One 2.5HP pump


Seats: 6
Dimensions: 224/224/91cm
Weight with cover dry: 308kg
Weight with cover filled: 1781kg
Capacity to the line: 1473L
Capacity max: 1926L
Pump performance: Two 2HP pumps