Swim Line Spas

An immersive combination of pleasure and movement, swimming upstream. Sapir swimming pools and spa systems are proud to present an innovative and revolutionary system in the world of spa systems that allows you to enjoy a winning combination of a swimming pool and a pampering spa system. On one side of the system you enjoy using seating that gives you a perfect hydrotherapy massage and on the other side of the system you enjoy a swimming pool with high-powered water cannons that allow you to practice swimming against the current.

A Swim Spa type jacuzzi spa system is an ideal solution for homeowners with a small area who want a swimming pool, but the size of the area does not allow it. In addition, you will be happy to know that there is no need for permits from the local authority for the installation of the system.

A luxurious jacuzzi spa system

While Swim Spa systems look like oversized hot tub, they are swimming simulator that offers all the health benefits of swimming without the need for a large, long swimming pool. The Swim Spa Jacuzzi system flows a constant stream of high-pressure water that allows you to swim or walk against the current. Unlike swimming in a swimming pool, the Swim Spa Jacuzzi system allows the user to determine the intensity of the pressure for a calm and easy swim or for a fast and strenuous swim by controlling the speed and power of the motors. The Swim Spa Jacuzzi systems of Sapir Swimming Pools are equipped with the best technology in the field and are equipped with four current cannons whose strength and direction of water flow can be adjusted.

The Swim Spa Jacuzzi systems offered by Sapir Swimming Pools are not only systems for swimming against the current, but they are also used for a perfect hydrotherapy massage using massage seats installed in them so that, in fact, while one person is practicing swimming, the other can enjoy a massage pampering, In addition, you can find Swim Spa Jacuzzi spa systems with a partition that separates the swimming area against the current from the area of ​​the massage seats, which allows you to set a different water temperature for each side. The person practicing swimming against the current will want colder water than the person sitting on the massage side, who wants warmer water. There are a variety of add-ons that can be added to Swim Spa Jacuzzi spa systems – underwater audio systems, LED lighting, and more…

You can install a Swim Spa Jacuzzi system in the yard, inside the house, and even on the roof of the house, you can even bury the Swim Spa Jacuzzi system right in the ground. The advanced systems are equipped with an Ozonator that disinfects the water and allows minimal use of additional chemicals. All our Swim Spa Jacuzzi systems come with a rigid thermal cover that allows you to keep the water warm, clean prevent evaporation, and saves chemicals. Using a thermal cover saves up to half of the current usage costs of Swim Spa Jacuzzi systems.

The most advanced Swim Spa Jacuzzi spa systems

Swim Spa QX4 model

Meet the ultimate machine for your home – three jacuzzi spa systems in one facility! This revolutionary jacuzzi spa system includes 4 extremely powerful current cannons for swimming against the current and 5 seats that provide a pampering hydrotherapy massage using 48 jets and in combination with an amazing Wave seat. And the great innovation… this jacuzzi spa system is equipped with 2 separate systems for monitoring and controlling the water temperature (!) – one system on the side of the training area and swimming against the current and the other system on the side of the calm hydrotherapy massage – which allow you to set and control a separate temperature for each area of ​​the system. The swimming training area against the current is separated from the massage area by means of a transparent partition that can be easily and simply removed. Removing the partition makes this type of jacuzzi spa system the perfect family spa – so big that you can even invite the neighbors…

The Swim Spa QX4 jacuzzi spa system includes:

  • 4 high powered water cannons
  • Separate filtration and heating system
  • command system
  • 5 massage seats
  • 43 jets for hydrotherapy massage
  • Waze seat – a seat with 24 jets that simulate a wave sensation
  • 5 jets for massaging the feet
  • 2 motors with 2 speeds CA
  • Single-speed engine for air jets
  • Ozonator
  • Regulators control the power of the jets
  • Underwater lighting
  • head pillows

Luxury Swim Spa model 

A luxurious system equipped with 6 hydrotherapy massage seats equipped with 37 jets for an amazing massage.

The system is similar in its features to the QX4 system without the separating partition.

Length: 450 cm
Width: 250 cm
Depth: 135 cm

This luxurious system includes:

  • LED lighting changes colors
  • Underwater sound system
  • Ozonator
  • Aromatherapy system that flows perfumes
  • Hard thermal cover