Pool Flooring

When choosing the outdoor flooring around the pool, you must consider the durability of the tiles, how to maintain them, the required safety standards and their design style, in addition to the direct effect on the design of the pool, the flooring around the pool will also affect the appearance of all the outdoor areas of the house and should connect harmoniously with the facades of the house, the design of the yard And sometimes also with the interior design.

In addition to the design, it is very important to choose a non-slip tile. Choosing an anti-slip tile is very essential for maintaining safety around the pool.

Another parameter is durability, you must choose tiles suitable for a constantly wet environment.

If you choose an unsuitable tile, pool maintenance will become much more expensive and busier.

The tile must be resistant to heat and cold conditions and waterproof to prevent moisture in the pool area.

You will find with us a large selection of tiles in different styles, such as porcelain granite tiles and natural stone, in different colors and textures, all with a safety finish suitable for outdoor use, which in combination with your swimming pool will turn the garden into a design gem.

With the help of the extensive experience and professionalism, we have gained over 25 years of work, we will know how to match you with the perfect type of tile for you while considering the budget and the highest standards.

We will be happy to help you choose the most suitable tiles and accompany you in the selection and installation process.

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