Pool Fence

A pool fence is designed to give you real peace of mind and protect pool users. After you have decided on the construction of a swimming pool, you must consider the issue of swimming pool safety.

Knowing that your children are safe when they play in the garden near the swimming pool and that nothing will happen to them gives you peace of mind, by installing a safety fence around the pool you can remove the worry from your heart and know that they are safe even when you are not around. Also, some local authorities require the installation of safety measures as a condition for granting a permit to build a swimming pool.

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Advantages of installing a pool fence
  • A mesh fence around the pool is considered an effective safety measure to maintain security and is the ideal solution for installation around the pool, given the fact that it can be easily disassembled and stored.
  • The fence is transparent and integrates into the appearance of the yard harmoniously and without harming the luxurious appearance of the pool, it is resistant to damage and meets the requirements for obtaining a permit for the pool from the local authority.
  • The fence is anchored by strong and stable posts and is installed by drilling holes in the existing surface around the pool, into the holes are inserted special plastic mounts adapted to the diameter of the holes.
  • An entrance gate with a locking mechanism can be added to the mesh fence.
  • The installation is easy and can be done by the “do it yourself” method, but we recommend that it be done by our company’s skilled installers.
  • Characteristics of a fence for a swimming pool: height at least 1.20 cm up to 1.50, spacing between the fence and the floor surface should not exceed 10 cm (soil, concrete, cobblestones) if the installation is over soft ground such as carpets of grass or sand, the lower spacing from the surface will be up to 5 cm.
  • The fence for the pool marketed by Sapir swimming pools is manufactured in France by the PSE company, known for its high-quality products because safety is not compromised.

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