Solar Pool Cover

The solar cover floats on the surface of the pool and helps to maintain the heat and its cleanliness, it serves as a passive solar receptor – absorbs the sun’s UV rays during the day, keeping the stored heat energy from escaping at night.

Using a solar cover will allow you additional days of using the pool even during the transition period between winter and summer, on days when the sun shines it can be used to heat the pool.

With the arrival of summer, the rate of water evaporation increases, and using a cover will prevent water evaporation.

It is not only about saving the cost of the evaporated water, but also the cost of the energy invested in heating the evaporated water. As water evaporates from the pool valuable heating energy (BTU) is lost as well.

Benefits of a solar cover for the pool

  • Extremely economical!
  • We offer a high-quality solar pool cover, which prevents water evaporation and saves on the consumption of chemicals in the pool.
  • The cover can be deployed manually or using specially designed rollers that make the job easier.

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