From dream to reality – how to plan a pool?

The process of building a pool is complex and usually accompanied by concerns and ignorance: where do you start? Whom do you contact? What should and should be done? At Sapir Swimming Pools we have designed and built thousands of pools. How do we confidently and professionally lead the projects? The work process, from the plan to jumping into the pool!

First: Method

We approach each project with methodical thinking and a personalized work method. Our method is based on over 20 years of experience, and it allows us to build pools with maximum efficiency, which leads to accurate results. Working through a method, and the emphasis we place on seriousness and professionalism, gives confidence

Early planning

Right at the beginning of the process, we will hold a meeting with the client or the designer/architect on his behalf, based on the meeting the type of pool will be chosen and designed so that you define the guidelines for your pool. We will prepare a plan that considers both the physical data of the house (dimensions, location, and view) as well as your needs and desires. The program will be presented to you and adjustments will be made as needed

planning alternative approval 

We will draw up the final plan of the selected alternative and it will be submitted for your approval. This is the approved plan that will accompany us all the way, until the inauguration of the pool.

selection of final materials

To formulate a design concept, we choose the type of pool cover, colors, types of the surface around the pool, and other design elements in the pool environment.

Let’s start!

Our professionals will come to your home to carry out the work, we will work in coordination and stay in touch with all other parties and professionals for any matter that may arise during the work, until the completion of the pool work, water filling, activation, and confirmation of the correctness of all systems.


Now all that remains is to live the dream – jump into the pool and have fun with friends and family!