Design Line Spas

The minimalist design of the Just Silence Jacuzzi is inspired by contemporary architectural trends, allowing them to blend harmoniously into modern living environments. Thanks to the reduced shape and straight lines, they become a design element on the balcony.

Thanks to its unique design and straight lines, the jacuzzi in the design series offers an innovative concept of sitting and lying that provides more space for greater comfort while allowing for relaxed face-to-face conversations with friends. The jacuzzi allows up to 5 people to sit facing each other without giving up legroom.

Both design models with JetPaksTM boast prominent and high-quality features: a user-friendly illuminated touch screen panel, an integrated stereo system with Bluetooth connection for the perfect listening experience as well as a light bar around, and an illuminated waterfall for ambient lighting.

The support structure consists of a durable, strong, completely enclosed and wood-free structure that prevents the ingress of moisture and vermin, this design ensures above-average load-carrying capacity and durability.

You can choose from 6 different JetPaks and click them into place in each seat in a short time – for a health experience that is exactly adapted to everyone’s needs.

It is equipped with three seats and the patented JetPak™ II technology boasts interchangeable back parts with individual massage functions for a personalized experience. This model also comes with a high level of innovation, technical perfection, and functional comfort.

The hot tub is economical and designed for efficient use of resources, thanks to the full foam insulation, the economical pipe, and the energy-saving cover.

The model blends seamlessly into modern living environments and is also perfect for smaller spaces and patios.

Just Silence

Seats: 5
Recliners: 5
Jetpacks: 3
Dimensions: 224/213/86cm
Weight with cover dry: 279kg
Weight with cover filled: 1767kg
Capacity to the line: 1488L
Capacity max: 2013L
Pump performance: One 2.5HP pump

Just Silence Compact

Seats: 3
Recliners: 3
Jetpacks: 3
Dimensions: 173/213/78cm
Weight with cover dry: 206kg
Weight with cover filled: 1456kg
Capacity to the line: 947L
Capacity max: 12L
Pump performance: One 2.5HP pump