Pool Mosaic

A mosaic is a graphic pattern that consists of pieces of stones of varying sizes, shapes and colors and has become popular in pool design in recent years thanks to the interesting texture it creates.

The mosaic tiles make it possible to create a designed look for the pool with a fine texture and a shimmering look, which complements well the look of the clear water of the pool and creates an elegant and impressive impression.

When choosing the covering, it is important to remember first and foremost the element of safety, the pool covering must be anti-slip, this feature is achieved by correctly choosing the mosaic.

Second, it is important to carry out the work of tiling the pool in mosaic in a professional manner that will ensure full impermeability of the pool, we use adhesives adapted to the water environment and of very high quality, and years of experience bring spectacular results.

Sapir Swimming Pools offers a variety of such tiles in different finishes, proportions, and shades, which will help you create a special and interesting look for your home pool.

We used our rich experience in building swimming pools and collected for our customers a limited and unique range of inspiring mosaic coverings of excellent quality imported from Spain and which are especially suitable for swimming pools, in several quality series and at reasonable prices.

We will be happy to introduce and advise you on the variety of mosaics.

פסיפס לבריכת שחייה


פסיפס בז לבריכה


פסיפס ירוק לבריכה


פסיפס כהה לבריכת שחייה


פסיפס יוקרתי לבריכה


פסיפס כחול לבריכה


פסיפס בהיר לבריכה


פסיפסים בצבעי כחול לבריכת שחייה


פסיפס כחול כהה לבריכת שחייה


פסיפס כחול ככה לבריכת שחייה ביתית


פסיפס זוהר לבריכה


פסיפס כחול כהה לבריכת שחייה