Spa Systems

The spa system is one of the best indulgences that a person can give himself and his family, a place for peace and relaxation in the middle of the busy routine of life, there is nothing like relaxing at the end of a working day with a glass of drink in hand and perfect enjoyment of the warmth of the water and the currents massaging the body.

גקוזי לבריה

A spa system in the yard will become an area full of pampering during the relaxing stay in the water and a center of attraction for the members of the household to accumulate everyday experiences.

As we know, water has a positive effect on the energy at home and many health benefits, being in the water contributes to reducing pain, releasing muscles, lowering blood pressure, improving metabolism, accelerating weight loss, relieving stress, cleaning the skin, and more.

Sapir swimming pools offer you to jump into the good life and purchase a perfect spa.

We exclusively import and market VILLEROY & BOCH products – the leading German brand in Europe, with patents and unique technologies that contribute to energy savings combined with maximum comfort and fit, a product that will dramatically upgrade your quality of life, while committing to uncompromising quality and serving you for years and years.

All systems are manufactured with the most meticulous work and are designed with great precision and attention and include a unique patent – JETPACK – a replaceable jet panel that allows you to change the configuration of the jacuzzi and the location of the jets in any seat you want.

The systems come with high-quality technical specifications that are reflected in high energy efficiency, minimal noise, a touch screen, and innovative and environmentally friendly filtering and cleaning systems, all while maintaining modern designs.

The materials from which a home jacuzzi is made are of the best quality in the world and withstand all weather conditions, especially Israeli weather conditions. This is a very critical point!

Highlights for choosing a jacuzzi
  • amount of users
  • maintenance costs
  • Seats and seating comfort
  • Ease of use
  • Power and number of jets
  • Water filtration and heating systems
ג'קוזי לגינה
What preparations are required for installing a jacuzzi in the garden?

The process of installing a spa system requires early but simple preparation and includes choosing a location for the system, installing it on a flat upper or lower surface, and preparing the electrical infrastructure.

Maintaining a home spa system does not require a lot of investment, but it is important to maintain the system’s integrity.

Our service team at Sapir swimming pools is at your disposal for any question that arises, from the planning to the execution of the installation and you can get an impression of the various models in our showroom in Petah Tikva.