Concrete Pools

Building concrete swimming pools requires a lot of expertise, knowledge, and experience. Choosing the professional team of Sapir Pools will guarantee you peace of mind and responsibility for the entire pool and its systems.

A concrete swimming pool is currently considered the best pool, since these are very strong, very durable pools and at the same time they give a sense of value and luxury, and the investment is worthwhile since it is a very high-quality pool that can last for many years in the best possible way.

There is an option to choose between 2 types of concrete pools – a surf pool / a skimmer pool – and they can be designed in a variety of different design styles, in any size and shape that match your needs, which allows for adaptation to the budget at hand.

Sapir Swimming Pools supplies and installs the highest-level pool equipment systems made by the American company Hayward, which is considered the leading company in the field, as well as all the equipment required to operate the pool. In addition, we perform all finishing works including sealing, gluing mosaic/ceramics, etc., and heating the evaporated water. As water evaporates from the pool valuable heating energy (BTU) is lost as well.

Advantages of concrete pools
  • A concrete pool can best last for many years without wearing out or being damaged in any way.
  • The options range from finishing with ceramic, mosaic, or PVC tiles that will give the pool a luxurious look.
  • The harmony of the pool with nature – the pool can continue the central design that you chose to characterize your yard with so that it becomes part of the pastoral nature in your garden.

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