Custom-made Pools

Sapir Swimming Pools offers its customers a wide variety of special and customized swimming pools, pools on roofs and balconies, transparent (acrylic) pools, stainless steel pools, mosaic-covered fiberglass pools, decorative pools, and more.

Custom-made pools – special and original pools designed in full cooperation with an architect/designer on behalf of the client, and a professional team on our behalf that accompanies the project throughout all stages, including the planning stage and the construction stage.

We provide our customers with planning and design services so that the company’s customers can also benefit from this additional value.

When planning a pool for a special project, reference should be made to the characteristics of the house or building, the lot and the type and design of the pool, the desired water depth, accessibility, the expected use of the pool, lighting, maintenance, machine room, budget, etc.

A pool for a special project requires early and precise planning since the pool must be adapted to the dreams and desires of the customer, while referring to safety issues, raw materials, shape, design, permits, etc.

The planning process of a pool for a special project is longer, so it is advisable to start the planning already at the stage of drafting the architectural plan.

We specialize in building pools for special, challenging, and complex projects. Our advantage is reflected in many years of experience in building pools and in professional installation and service teams, in the ability to plan and manage complex projects from the first stages to the delivery of the project, where along the way we are accompanied by professionals and construction inspectors.

The guiding line throughout our many years of activity is to provide the company’s customers with swimming pools with the most professional, high-quality, and technologically advanced technical specifications. Accordingly, every detail of the pool system is carefully selected by the company’s experts and is of the highest quality available on the market.

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