Industrial Pools

Industrialized pools are pools that are built with advanced technology that lowers the costs of building and maintaining the pool. The pool skeleton is built in the field in any shape and size that the customer requests using special thermoplastic panels that are resistant to soil and weather shifts and maintain the pool skeleton for many years and are covered with a special PVC sheet in a selection of models and prints.

Sapir swimming pools are imports from the leading American company in the field of LATHAM, which has been specializing in the production of industrial pools for fifty years and is known in the US as the most reliable and high-quality company in the field, and this is how we maintain uniqueness and the highest quality in the field.

The process of building an industrial pool in your home takes approximately 10 working days and is carried out by professional and highly experienced teams. We provide creative solutions for every demand and desire of our customers, are committed to uncompromising quality, and enable you to realize the swimming pool you dream of.

Advantages of industrial pools

These are pools with high durability over many years and which are built quickly. In addition, an industrial pool can be adjusted and installed with dimensions of size and depth in an optimal way for the area of the yard. You can choose from a wide variety of high-quality PVC coating samples, with a high level of finish that will match the home design.

The process of building an industrial pool
  • Excavation to bury the pool.
  • Installation and fixing of the thermoplastic panels used as the sides of the swimming pool by means of concrete casting.
  • Pouring the pool floor and installing all the necessary accessories.
  • Installation of PVC coating in sizes adjusted to the pool gives the pool its final appearance and is possible in a variety of prints that simulate ceramics or customized mosaics.
  • Filling the swimming pool with water and jumping into the good life…

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