Pool Maintenance Equiment


A Variety of Pool Maintenance Equiment

Below are  a few must have items for maintaining correctly your pool and its surroundings.


Leaf net


The net connects to a telescopic pole, and with that you can clean leaves and big dirt from the swimming pool. The net is surrounded by protective PVC to prevent damage to the cladding of the pool.



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Suction Broom Top


A kidney shape suction broom top, for cleaning solid dirt from the bottom of the pool. The top is surrounded by rubber. The broom top has a connection to a telescopic pole and to a floating pipe. The broom top has multiform brushes for brushing the floor. This product is made out of thermal PVC so that it suits all kinds of swimming pools: concrete, industrialized, vinyl, fiberglass.


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Floating Hose


A floating hose with one rotating side and one fixed side for vacuuming the dirt from the bottom of the pool.



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Telescopic Pole


A light weight telescopic pole that can be connected to a suction broom, brush, leaf net etc. When it's closed its 2.45 meters long. By simple screwing, the pole can be extended up to 4.9 meters. The pole is suitable for standard use with different tops such as brushes, nets, suction brooms etc. The pole is shiny dark blue with a white handle.



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Water Quality Test Kit


The kit contains 50 sticks for checking the water quality and gives you immediate results. The kit tests chlorine, acidity (PH), free chlorine, metal in the water (alkalinity) and hardness. The kit is a viable product for any pool or spa system owner. The stick set checks the water quality, amount of chlorine in the water, acidity level (PH) and more. Unbalanced water can cause diseases and green slime



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Chlorine Tablets Bucket


Improved chlorine tablets bucket, for clean, clear and disinfected water.

The improved tablets are composed of chlorine with an additional ingredient that sticks to the very small particles that don't get filtered. This way the molecule grows and is able to be filtered.

Content: 75 chlorine tablets, 200 gr each. Total: 15 kg. Photo for illustration purposes only. 



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Water Quality Sensor


ePool- The ultimate water quality sensor, effort and worry free

Now you can enjoy your swimming pool and/ or hot tub without any worry if the water is balanced or needing to balance it.  

The e-Pool system is an advanced senor that checks the water continuously 24 hours, and passes on its findings to an indicator in the house. There is no need to bend over anymore, to collect water from your swimming pool or hot tub, in order to test the water.



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Pool Cover and Electrical Pool Cover



Sapir Swimming Pools and Spa Systems represent in Israel, Americas leading safety swimming pool covers manufacturer, with over 20 years of experience, "Coverstar"

Swimming pool covers are known for their technological innovation and have the strongest and fastest, water proof engine in the market. These covers are operated by a control panel with a key or a digital code that opens the cover. This way children can't open the pool cover when there are no adults around.


Pool Lighting



LED lighting for swimming pools are Significantly more economical, light up the pool in spectacular colors and make your garden look like an amazing light show.

The latest fashion in pool lighting, are LED lamps that allow you to choose the color that lights up your pool.



Pool Steps



Who said all pool steps are the same? Sapir Swimming Pools and Spa Systems offer you to step up a little… our steps are made by the leading manufacturers in America "Hydrapools" and "Pacific", they offer more and give more. The steps are made of prime materials and are designed to give maximum comfort and space. We are happy to offer you a wide and impressive range of swimming pool steps. The steps come in all sizes and shapes and even allow you to add water jets to them so that you can enjoy soft water streams and a hydrotherapy massage while sitting on them.


Pool Heating



Sapir Swimming Pools are proud to present a solar system for heating up swimming pools made by "ECO ENERGY", the world's leading company for solar heating systems for house pools. Solar heating is an effective, eco friendly solution that helps you extend your swimming season, without any extra expenses on heating water. A solar system for swimming pools is able to heat up large amounts of water, to temperatures needed for bathing in. join the revelation and enjoy effective, long term and zero maintenance solar heating.


Vinyl Liner



The material that coats industrial pool walls is vinyl and it's one of the most important parts in constructing a pool. Besides the pools design, there is an importance to the vinyl lining, in making the visual impression perfect. Beyond protecting the pool walls from time and nature damages, the vinyl lining is used as a designed background sheet.




Salt System



A lot of people, especially small children are often sensitive to chlorine and different chemicals that are in swimming pools. Some are even allergic to them. Salt systems for swimming pools were invented Specifically for those people. The salt helps you get rid of the bad habit of adding chlorine to the swimming pool. Salt systems for swimming pools produce natural chlorine by dissolution of the salt in the water. Natural chlorine is odorless, does not cause itchiness, and allows you to swim with open eyes without worrying about burning eyes and skin. Most of all natural chlorine leaves out the strong familiar smell of regular chlorine.






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