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   A safety cover will ensure ultimate safety

 An article published on the 4/11/12 shows a case of a baby drowning in a private pool guarded with a fence and a gate         

 Only with a safety cover you will have complete pace of mind. A fence around the pool is a safety precaution but not a perfect one. As seen in this article. 





Now it's official-Israel's Water Authority reccmmends pool covers to save water and prevent evaporation

Watch Uri Shor, Water Authority spokesman speaking about private pools and recommending the usage of pool covers





 Electric safety covers


Sapir Pools and Spa Systems represent  Pool Cover Specialits who are Americas leading automatic pool cover manufacturers, with over 20 years of experience




Electric Pool covers are  technologicaly advanced and include the fastest and strongest waterproof engine that exists in the market. These are operated by a control system with a digital pin code, which allows only you to open the pool cover. This way children can not open the pool cover nor enter the pool unsupervised.  


By installing an electric pool cover, parents of small children are in complete control of pool usage. The pool cover is so strong that it will withstand sevral adults standing on it, without tearing. For this reasons an electrica pool cover is the best safety accessory for your pool, and guarantees maximum safety for your family and guests.

Additionally, some local authorities require the installation of  a fence or a safety cover as a pre -condition to recieving a pool permit. An electric safety cover is the perfect solution, for the safety of your children.

An electrical pool cover is the most economical option. Its cost is justified by the significant savings of water and electricity that are by keeping the water keeping warm, and by preventing evaporation.  




 Watch the video about the electric safety pool cover






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