Salt Systems for Private Swimming Pools


Salt Systems for Private Pools- No More Chlorine



מכשיר מלח לבריכות שחיה


A lot of people, especially small children are often sensitive to chlorine and different chemicals that are in swimming pools. Some are even allergic to them. Salt systems for swimming pools were invented, Specifically for those people. The salt helps to get rid of the bad habit of adding chlorine to the swimming pool. Salt systems for swimming pools produce natural chlorine by dissolution of the salt in the water. Natural chlorine is odorless, does not cause itchiness, and allows you to swim with open eyes without worrying about burning eyes and skin. Most of all natural chlorine leaves out the strong familiar smell of regular chlorine 




For the past few years salt systems for swimming pools have become more popular among swimming pool owners in Israel and in the world. Today salt systems are an integral part of treatment for pool water. Beyond its health benefits, using a salt system in your swimming pool saves you the regular costs of adding chlorine. The cost of a salt system for your pool will be returned to you within approximately 20 months .   

As salt systems become more and more popular, you have probably heard about them, but as long as your swimming pool doesn’t have one, you are probably wondering how they work and if you should get one for your swimming pool. We will try and answer most of your questions and give you as much information as we can about the salt system. 



What is a salt system for swimming pools?

A salt system for swimming pools turns salt into chorine for automatic effective disinfection of the water. This means you don’t need to add chlorine to your swimming pool and instead you add a few bags of salt to your swimming pool, the first time you operate the system.  Swimming pools that work with salt systems are not chlorine free but are much more environmentally friendly, and save the need to buy, store and use chlorine.  



If a salt system produces chlorine, what's the difference between a swimming pool that has chlorine added to it, to one with a salt system?


Swimming pools with a salt chlorinator, add salt to the pool water. Salt is composed from chlorine and sodium. When the pool water streams through the electrode in the salt system, it decomposes to the ingredients that compose it, chlorine and sodium, which are then piped into the pool.  As a result the pool contains natural chlorine and not an industrial one. Natural chlorine is different from the industrial one because its odor free and does not cause itchiness to the eyes. That’s why disinfecting a pool with natural chlorine, produced by a salt system, is better and healthier than industrial chlorine. 

Does using the salt system make the water taste like sea water?

The saltiness in the water is mild to eyes and skin, because the salt level is relatively low- half of the amount in a teardrop. For the comparison-the salt level in the sea is 35,000 PPM, while the amount that is recommended to use in swimming pools is 3,000-4,000 PPM. The taste of the water in a swimming pool with a salt system is not salty and the water does not leave a "sticky" feeling on the skin.


 Is it possible to install a salt system in every kind of swimming pool including existing swimming pools?


It's possible to install a salt system in any kind of pool, new ones and existing ones. A salt system is environmentally friendly and does not harm pools. 



There is no need to stir anymore, to calculate measuring quantities, to deal with liquid chlorine or chlorine tablets 


Now you can automatically turn regular salt into your own renewed supply of pure and natural chlorine for swimming pools and hot tubs. Electronic chlorination has become a simple, safe and cheap alternative, to using harsh chemical measures. 


 AQUA RITE- The ultimate salt system for your swimming pool

made by HAYWARD:



-       Does not cause irritation to the eyes

-       Odor free

-       Softens the water

Aqua Rite uses advanced electrolyte technology that converts a small amount of regular salt- one spoon per liter of water- to an unlimited supply of chlorine. Since salt does not disintegrate or evaporate, it's only rarely that you need to add it.  

This appliance includes an elaborate controller that samples the water automatically and continually, and measures the chlorine and PH values in the pool water. The findings show that the controller passes a chlorine production order to the salt system and then streams salicylic acid into the pool as needed, to balance the water automatically. Using AQUA RITE the water is balanced automatically and you no longer need to worry about it. With this device there is no need to perform weekly tests and to guess the amount of chemicals that you need to stream into the pool. 


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