Villeroy&Boch Spa



V&B advantages
The only hot tub that is customizable
choose what jetting you want on your hot tub with JetPaks

The perfect Jacuzzi for you.

The only Jacuzzi in the world that gives you the option to choose the formation of jets .

The best Jacuzzi in the world with the most exclusive and unique technology, that no other Jacuzzi has.

Pamper yourself with a Jacuzzi that offers more

Do you want to feel at your best? Do you want to feel creative? Do you want to relax and release stress? You can't let yourself live without a VILLEROY & BOCH Jacuzzi! This unique spa system is operated by JETPAKS, which means you will have more options of hydrotherapy massages, and an option to change your JETPAKS to personally suit the massage you want.

How much should you spend on your pampering? This is your life and you deserve the best!

A Jacuzzi is for you and for a healthy and good life.

If you think that an advanced technology Jacuzzi is only for the rich and famous, think again! VILLEROY & BOCH is not just exclusive, it's a must! With the personal massage you receive in a VILLEROY&BOCH Jacuzzi, you experience the spa experience without paying for it every time.

Take a good look at the VILLEROY & BOCH Jacuzzi with the JETPAK technology- there is no better Jacuzzi for you and your body!

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