ePool the Ultimate Water Quality Sensor




ePool- The ultimate water quality sensor, effort and worry free

Now you can enjoy your swimming pool and/ or hot tub without any worry if the water is balanced or needing to balance it. 

The e-Pool system is an advanced senor that checks the water continuously 24 hours, and passes on its findings to an indicator located in the house. There is no need to bend over anymore, to collect water from your swimming pool or hot tub, in order to test the water.

That's not all, this revolutionary system informs you when there is a need to balance the water, and tells you exactly what and how much needs adding. No need to worry or guess anymore and no need to call the pool maintenance company, just read the notification and do as it says.

With the ePool system, your concern about the water balance in your pool or hot tub becomes simple. The water will stay balanced and you will have full control without needing to guess what to do.

Now at an introduction price of 1,599 NIS including tax


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