Private Concrete Pools- Concrete Swimming Pools


Private Concrete Pools- Concrete Swimming Pools



Building a concrete swimming pool requires expertise, knowledge and a lot of experience.

We recommend that the finishing work  be carried out by Sapir's professional  team. This way you will receive a full warranty on your swimming pool and its systems- including guarantee on leakage, flaws in the ceramic/ mosaic etc.

Sapir's team seal the pool using special plaster, they affix the ceramics/ mosaics and do the grouting work.

The materiels we use are higly specialized and must be applied by our experienced team. A fault in the building process can cause severe leakage, which is sometime impossible to track. When you give a builder a frame for a swimming pool, it's important to make sure he is qualified and experienced and knows how to make concrete pools. 



There are 3 options for building a concrete swimming pool:

1.    The first and preferable option, when building a new house is to have the builder mold  the pool. We then supply and install all the equipment needed for a swimming pool, including the pump, filter, drains, inlets, lamps, piping etc. We then do all the finishing work, including cleaning. 

2.    The second option is to have the builder mold the pool, then Sapir builds the machine room. After this stage your builder can continue to seal, plaster  and sticking the pool with ceramic/ mosaic .

3.    The third option is to have Sapir build the the swimming pool from scratch, including planning, building and accessorizing.


 אבזור בריכות מבטון




We sell a wide range of special mosaics and ceramics for concrete swimming pools, supplie by the leading companies in the field. 






איבזור בריכות שחיה מבטון



Accessorizing a concrete swimming pool

Sapir Swimming Pools and Spa Systems supply and install all the equipment needed to operate a concrete swimming pool.

Including, pumps, filters, lamps, suction fittings etc.

Sapir Swimming Pools supply their clients with water systems made by the world's leading American company for pool supplies, HAYWARD.

Before building a concrete swimming pool, the piping and certain equipment necessary for the operating of the pool needs to be installed. Only then you can the concrete be molded.

Sapir Swimming Pools supply all the equipment needed, installs it, and gives you a long term guarantee on it.

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