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Private Swimming Pool Steps- Stepping Up in Every Way



Who said that all swimming pools steps are the same? Spair Swimming Pools and Spa Systems are offering you to step up a little… our steps are made by the leading manufactures in America- HYDRAPOOLS and PACIFIC, they offer more and are worth more. The steps are made from prime materials, intended to supply maximum comfort and space.

We are glad to offer you a wide and impressive range of pool steps, in all sizes and shapes. It is also possible to add water jets to the steps, so that you can enjoy soft water streams and a hydrotherapy massage while sitting on them.  




Internal steps from side to side across the entire width of the pool

Sapir Swimming Pools are the only company that offer unique pool steps made out of concrete, across the entire width of the pool. These steps give a panel pool, the look of a concrete pool. The steps are internal and don’t require any additions, they are build while building the pool and allow a comfortable entry to the swimming pool. Also, the steps are a place to sit down and relax, while talking to friends in the water. 


מדרגות לבריכת שחייה

מדרגות לבריכות ביתיות

מדרגות לבריכות שחיה ביתיות



Wedding Cake Steps

Say goodbye to white plastic steps. Now you can enjoy unique and exclusive Sapir implanted steps under the pool coating, giving a panel pool the look of a concrete pool. The steps are covered with the same vinyl lining as the swimming pool so this way you receive a unified look for the whole pool. 







Ceramic or mosaic coated steps

These steps are suitable for concrete pools. You can build narrow corner steps and steps in any other shape according to your request. 


מדרגות פסיפס מדרגות בטון עם ציפוי פסיפס מדרגות פסיפס


Corner steps

Corner steps are the most common ones. They give the pool a wonderful look. These steps don’t take up much space and are recommended for small pools. You can also add jets to these steps, allowing you to enjoy soft water streams and a hydrotherapy massage while sitting on them.   


מדרגות ספא מדרגות פינתיות



Straight external steps

These type of steps are on the outside of the pool frame. You can add jets to these steps, for a hydrotherapy massage while sitting on them. You must take into account that these type of steps prevent you from having an electric safety cover with hidden tracks. 



6' step


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