Spa System Technology


Spa System Technology


Sapir Swimming pools and Spa systems offer you a jump into the good life. We believe that there are moments in life where we all look for a good relaxing massage without inviting a masseuse home. The AMERICA SUNBELT company has thought of everything for you and has planned together with professionals in the spa system field, a real hydrotherapy massage. The sitting positions in the spa systems give your body good support and the location of your arms, back, legs and head allow full comfort and correct and balanced seating.

Sapir Swimming Pools and Spa Systems offer you advanced technology spa systems with a range of patents that belong to SUNBELT SPA, including: 



Aromatherapy system

Music, dimed lights and… relaxing smells! Thanks to the special aromatherapy system, developed by the American SUNBELT SPA company, you can now turn your spa system/ Jacuzzi into a place that works all your senses. Simply add special aromatic additives in the designated place in your spa system and immediately feel how the aromatic scents from the water sooth your soul. We sell a range of aromatic additives with amazing and relaxing smells.  


מערכות ספא ארומתרפיה


Ozonator- water quality systems

Our spa systems maintain their water quality and hygiene with minimum cost and almost automatically, and all this is thanks to the ozonator system. The ozonator system is a special system installed in our spa systems, and its purpose is to maintain the quality and clearness of the water automatically at all times. The ozonator eliminates almost completely the need of using chemicals such as chlorine or bromine to maintain the quality of the water, and prevents bacteria accumulation. These are the advantages this system has to offer:

·         Reducing to minimum your chemical usage

·         Saving on maintenance expenses

·         Unlike chlorine or bromine, the ozonator does not leave a smell or color in the water. Spa systems with an ozonator smell natural and are always clear.

·         Unlike chemicals, the ozonator does not harm hair, skin or swimwear. 




Hydrotherapy massage bed

Do you suffer from lower back and leg pain? Do you feel like spoiling yourself with a perfect massage? This hydrotherapy massage bed which is combined in some of the spa systems/ Jacuzzi models is the answer for you. This bed is equipped with 10 jets placed in strategic spots in the spa system, for a releasing massage feeling. This is perfect for back pain, aching legs or simply for pure enjoyment. The massage bed comes in these models: ONTARIO, ULTRA, TYPHOON, LOUNGE and POLARIS.



מיטת עיסוי


Wave seat

This 32 jet unique wave seat gives an amazing massage to your back muscles and releases stress. These special jets are arranged in lines from your shoulders down to your hips, and a special control system is responsible for giving you an amazing stress release and pain relief feeling. You will feel so good that all you will want to do is close your eyes and relax. This is why the wave seat comes with a big head rest pillow, especially to rest your head on. 

מערכות ספא


Underwater sound system

Forget about the sound systems that you are used to seeing in spa systems equipped with loudspeakers. The sound systems in our spa systems are ones you can actually feel. Our spa systems are equipped with revolutionary technology, turning the coating of the spa system to underwater speakers. The music surrounds you, literally. Also, our sound systems allow you to hear loud music without annoying your neighbors, because the sound waves are directed to the sky. 


מערכת שמע תת מימית



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