Heating Private Pools- Pool heating


Heating Private Pools- Pool heating-Pool Solar Heating

Do you want to enjoy your swimming pool all year round? Are you interested in extending your swimming season?

You can heat your pool in several ways:


Swimming pool solar heating- heating the pool with solar energy

Sapir Swimming Pools is proud to present a solar system for heating private swimming pools, made by the world leading solar heating pool systems, ECO ENERGY. Solar heating is an efficient eco clean and friendly solution that helps you extend your swimming season without spending money on heating the water. The solar heating systems can heat large amounts of water, to swimming temperature. Come join the revolution and enjoy efficient solar heating for years, with zero maintenance.

·         Free pool heating

·         Extending the swimming season by 3-4 months a year

·         Minimal to zero maintenance

·         The system does not accumulate lime scale and is UV resistant

·         Patented

·         The system is resistant to chemicals and acids


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Electric heat pump

The American made HAYWARD heat pump is the cheapest and most efficient way to heat your pool. The pump supplies high heating at a relatively low electricity consumption. HAYWARD'S pumps are reliable, quiet, easy to connect and use, and don’t require almost any maintenance. They work very much like an air conditioning.

The American HAYWARD pumps are made with the ARI quality standard and the only manufacture voluntary based independent American standard for extensive testing. The standard embraces 350 manufactures in North America, in the air conditioning and heating area, and notes high standards, used to compare the performance data between the products. The standard encourages the manufacturers to improve efficiency of the products, due to the fact that the testing is voluntary and done at random times. The grade on our pumps expresses without a doubt, the quality and their compliance with the high standard of producing maximum energy utilization and high manufacturing quality at a meticulous standard. 


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heating the pool with a titanium heating appliance

Heating a swimming pool with a titanium appliance is done by direct contact of the water and the appliance.

The heating appliance functions in fact as an oven and requires high electrical energy. This is why the cost of it is relatively high compared to solar heating or a heating pump.

The heating appliance is protected by a micro switch that stops it automatically, the minute the water pressure in the pipe goes down. The heating appliance is suitable for swimming pools with the capacity of up to 100 cubic meters.  


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