Our Satisfied Customers write us


Our Satisfied Customers write us


 "To all the incredible team, thank you very much for the work, the incredible result we got, your kind service, punctuality, and amazing high quality of work. Keep up the good work! Shahar and Sigal Barazani Jerusalem.


"Your service, punctuality, patience, and great positive and interesting meetings were much appreciated. You got great feedbacks from the client and from me as a contractor- in one word: thank you! Y.A Pick Yacov, Rishon Lezion


"Reliable and professional service, punctuality, 100% satisfaction" Shimon Yaacoki, Kiryat Ata


"The service was amazing, Ori and Shlomo were great, humane, patient and most importantly caring for the people around them and for the house they were working in. Any call or request was accepted without any fault. Sapir was there for us all the time for anything we asked for. They were always kind, smiling and happy. We are very very pleased. We enjoyed the process and of course the final result. Thank you very much." Michal and Guy Abir, Bney Dror


"We received a swimming pool to our full satisfaction. The service was great besides a mishap on the first two day of the installment. I highly recommend them". Miri and Amir Uriely, Lehavim.


"Very happy with the building process, with the pool itself and Sapirs accompany". Ronny Barnea, Hod Hasharon.


"Great service, professional work with wonderful and friendly coordination during the whole process". Amir Aharoni, Herzelya.


"I received great service from Sapir throughout the whole process, and hope I will receive the same service in the future". Noam and Galit Ziv, Newe Oz.


"Sapir were amazing, great service and always on time". Ilan Rav Shimon, Ra'anana.


"It took us a while to get the permissions. I must say that even though we had an agreement, there were companies that complained about the rising prices, and this is where Sapir showed marketing maturity. We got exactly what we expected and well done for that. Despite the distance, the constructon pace was satisfying".  Zion Avraham, Kefar Yovel


"I have full satisfaction from the construction of the swimming pool. The final result is beautiful". Marit Arad, Moshav Bnaya.


"Well done Sapir". Efraim Sarig, Natanya.


"Anyone who builds a house knows there is a massive difference between the result and your dream, this is why we give this warm recommendation with love. We share all the kind words that have been written here, and would like to point out the service and personal feel that Sapir and its workers gave us throughout the whole process. Monica and Sergio Kovel, Lehavim.  


"Sapir you are the best". Yaniv Aizenkot, Kiryat Ata.


"Very good work and service". Chaim and Yaffa Levi, Tiberias.


"Very satisfied, good clean job". Yamit and Itay Rod, Newe Monoson.


"Professional work and service by the book. Besides the professional team, I would like to point out the staff and the respectable and polite attitude during the whole work process. Well done. Moshe Elul, Kiryat Ata.


"I must point out that throughout the whole process, starting from the sale process, up until today, we have received extraordinary service. The buying, the supplying, the paying and every other request we had was answered. All in all we are very satisfied". Motti Arbel- Head of tourism, Had Ness


"I would like to point out that throughout the whole process, we received excellent service, in every aspect. The staff was amazing, and we were very happy to work with them. Thank you for the beautiful swimming pool we received and for all its surroundings". Mona and Leonid Arbit, Beer Sheva.


"Good professional work". Menashe Abody, Bet Nechemya.


"Professional work, punctual, excellent". Micky Traves, Herzeliya.


"Very satisfied". Eran Keidar, Herzeliya.


"Everything was great and on time". Keren and Dror Levi, Rishon Lezion.


"I have no words to describe the professionalism, accuracy and amazing quality. Wonderful people, the result is indescribable- it's all perfect!!! I highly recommend Sapir!! Keren Doanis, KefarTruman.


"Excellent work to our full satisfaction, a responsible and loyal team, always on time". Ruti and Yochy Fox, Kefar Shemaryahu.


"Great service, professional and quick". Sarit Harel, Caesarea.


"Very satisfied with the work and service, very serious and professional. I will recommend Sapir to my friends and clients". Shimon Atias, Regba.


"Professional team and lovely service- thank you very much". Shani Dumbeck, Ramat Hasharon.


"We are very pleased with the decision to build a swimming pool and with the wonderful service we received from Sapir Pools. They are a professional company that stood behind their promises". Shoshana and Shraga Kramer, Kefar Saba.


"We really enjoyed working with all the staff on this project. They were extremely loyal, well done". Sharon and Slomit Tzibotro, Hod Hasharon.


"All in all I'm very satisfied with the pool itself and with Sapirs service". Shlomo Cohen, Jerusalem. 




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