Cleaning Equipment for Swimming Pools and Spa Systems


Cleaning Equipment for Swimming Pools and Spa Systems

 רשת לניקוי עלים מבריכות שחיה  Leaf net

The net connects to a telescopic pole, and with that you can clean leaves and big dirt from the swimming pool

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 ערכת ניקיון לבריכות שחיה


Swimming Pool Cleaning Kit

A full cleaning kit for the swimming pool. The kit contains a leaf net, a top for a suction broom, sticks to check water quality, a thermometer and a cleaning brush.

Price: 120 NIS


שואב ליכלוך מהפכני לבריכות ומערכות ספא


Revolutionary dirt vacuum

Revolutionary dirt vacuum for cleaning swimming pools and spa systems. This appliance connects to the garden hose and becomes a dirt vacuum

Price: 229 NIS



ערכה לבדיקת איכות המים

Water quality test kit

An essential product for anyone that owns a swimming pool and/ or spa system. A set of sticks indicating the water quality, amount of chlorine in the water, acidity level (PH) etc.

Water that’s not balanced can cause diseases and green water

Special price: 39 NIS

מטאטא ייונק



Suction Broom

The top of a suction broom for the swimming pool

Special price: 99 NIS


מוט טלסקופי לבריכת שחיה

 Telescopic Pole

An attachable telescopic pole for the swimming pool. To be attached to the suction broom, brush, leaf net etc.

Special price: 149 NIS

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