Swimmig Pool Chemicals


Swimmig Pool Chemicals


 טבליות כלור לבריכת שחיה


Improved Chlorine Tablets

Chlorine tablets for disinfecting water in swimming pools. Additionally, these improved chlorine tablets help clean the water by wrapping themselves around small particles that can't be filtered, and dropping them to the bottom of the pool.

Come in tables of 200 gr. Each

Price: 450 NIS- bucket 15 KG

40 NIS- 1 KG


מניעת ירוקת בבריכות שחיה 




Salt Water Magic

A revolutionary formula that has been developed specially for swimming pools with chlorinators. This formula helps the chlorinator keep a high level of water stability. Using this formula on a monthly basis, will prevent green water in the swimming pool, increase the filter efficiency and reduce chemical smells.

Content: 1 liter

Price: 180 NIS    




להורדת רמת החומציות במים בריכת שחיה


PH Down

For lowering acidity levels (PH) in swimming pools. In swimming pools you should maintain an acidity level of 7.2-7.8. High acidity (above 7.8) can cause cloudy water and harm the capability of preventing green water in the swimming pool. You can check the water acidity by using a test kit.

Content: 1.36 KG

Price: 99 NIS


 מפרק שמני גוף, שמני שיזוף , איפור ולכלוך


Pool Perfect

A natural enzyme that takes apart body oils, tanning oils, make up and dirt, and prevents formation of a "black ring" on the walls of the swimming pool. To be used on a weekly basis.

Content: 1 liter

Price: 150 NIS

מנקה ויניל וריצוף בריכת שחיה 


Vinyl Cleaning and Flooring of Swimming Pool

With this substance you can clean the vinyl or the flooring of the swimming pool from oils and fats, lime scale and tough dirt.

Content: 1 liter

Price: 140 NIS


 חומר לניקוי פילטרים של בריכות שחייה


Filter Aid

Professional detergent for cleaning all types of filters from oil, lime scale and other tough organic substances. Using this on a regular basis will improve the water flow, the efficiency of the filters and will keep the water clean. Can be used with chlorine and bromine.

Content: 1 liter

Price: 113 NIS

 מפרק שמני גוף ממי בריכות שחיה




Body Oils and Creams Detergent

Biological detergent that takes apart body oils, oils, tanning creams and different organic materials that float on the water in the swimming pool, and/ or cause cloudy water and increase the appearance of green water.  

Content: 1 liter

Price: 155 NIS



 משמיד ומונע הופעת ירוקת בבריכת שחיה


Green Water Treatment

This substance exterminates and prevents green water in swimming pools. Suitable for using after the water has become green, as well as a preventing treatment.

Content: 1 liter

Price: 256 NIS


 גורם ושומר על צלילות המים בבריכת שחיה



Clear Water

A special formula that catches on to the smallest particles, and makes your pool water clearer and cleaner. This formula will reduce the cost of day to day maintenance of your swimming pool.  

Content: 1 liter

Price: 99 NIS


 מנקה מים עכורים בבריכות שחיה



Cloudy Water Care

A concentrated and unique fluid that collects very small particles which aren’t caught in the pool filter, and make the water look turbid (cloudy). This fluid spreads on the swimming pool and "falls" as a blanket with all the particles to the bottom of the pool. Once the particles hit the floor, you can vacuum them with the suction broom.

Content: 1 liter

Price: 160 NIS



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