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Sapir Swimming Pools are the leading company in Israel for importing and installing private swimming pools, spa systems, Jacuzzis, saunas and other products and accessories for the swimming pools field.

Up until today family's thought twice about building a swimming pool, for two main reasons: their high price and the hassle involved in getting permission to build one. At Sapir Swimming Pools we have solved these problems. The prices of the pool and the convenient terms of payment, make swimming pools available and reachable for everyone and makes them no longer a dream or benefit of the "rich". We will deal with the The building permit without any effort or trouble from you.

We build private swimming pools from concrete covered with ceramic or mosaic and panels swimming pools made with the polymer technology. Sapir Swimming Pools is the American HYDRA POOLS exclusive representative in Israel. HYDRA POOLS has been producing panel swimming pools for the past fifty years and is known in America as the most reliable and qualitative company in the field and a part of the giant LATHAM corporation.

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Sapir Swimming Pools and Spa Systems are committed to quality without compromise; a private swimming pool needs to be impeccable. This is why we have decided to make panel swimming pools from polymer technology construction, made from hardened PVC that protects the pool from weather hazards.

In order for you to enjoy your swimming pool all year round, we suggest an energy saving heating system for heating the pool water. These heating systems are installable in every kind of swimming pool, existing ones and new ones.

In addition, we sell the best automatic covering systems for swimming pools, made by the American Coverstar, combining maximum safety and keeping the pool warm and clean. As you know, safety in a private swimming pool is highly important.

The company also does concrete swimming pools with ceramic and mosaic cladding, machine rooms and accessorizes the pool with everything it needs for perfect enjoyment.

Building a private swimming pool requires professional planning and guidance. Our professional people will guide you throughout the whole building process, from the planning and construction and up to developing the pool surroundings.

You are welcome to visit us in our one of a kind show garden, and see our Jacuzzi spa systems, swimming pool, saunas and other accessories.

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