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Building a Swimming Pool- From Plannig and Constructing to Developing the Pool Enviorment




Imagine the sun stroking your face; while you are splashing away in your private pool. You can hear your children's laughter while they play in the pool. The smell of summer and blossom together with the clear water fills you with joy. That’s what a private pool experience should feel like. At Sapir we are committed to helping you fulfill your dream.

Today the pool production technology makes the dream of building a private swimming pool, affordable for every budget. At Sapir Swimming Pools we are committed to giving outstanding service. We focus on our clients and excellent service leads us from the building stage up until many years to come. With us you can be sure to get professional and caring service throughout the years, and a guarantee on your swimming pool.  


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At Sapir Swimming Pools, we build and install all pool types: private pool- ceramic or mosaic coated concrete swimming pools, panel swimming pools made with polymer technology coated with a vinyl lining and casted fiberglass swimming pools, exclusively imported from Spain, and the newest  kind of pool- a panel one with an overflow edge.

Additionally, we import and sell the best automatic safety cover systems in the world , made by the American POOL COVER SPECIALISTS, combining maximum safety and heat and cleanness preservation.

Our professional team will guide you through the whole process of building the swimming pool, from the planning stage, construction and building and up until the development of the swimming pool area, providing natural stones for flooring around the pool. 


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You are welcome to come to our one of a kind "show garden" and see the range of spas, swimming pools, saunas and other gadgets.  



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