Solar Shower for Swimming Pools and Spa Systems


Solar Shower for Swimming Pools and Spa Systems

 New in  Israel.. the new hit in the swimming pool and spa system world


Solar Shower

 מקלחון סולארי לגינה

35 liters



No more wetting the house after using the pool...

From now on you can wash yourself in hot water outdoors after using the pool…

The water of this revolutionary shower heats up by sun energy, and allows you to enjoy hot water in the garden, without using electricity, or needing to prepare any piping system. The shower is simply self installed.  All you need is to place the shower in an area exposed to sun, connect it to your standard garden hose pipe, and enjoy hot water before and after using your pool or spa system.

·         Perfect  as a pre or after using the pool shower

·         No need of electricity- environmentally  friendly

·         Simple and fast self installment

·         Combined tap for hot and cold water

·         Designed to a high standard

·         35 or 20 liters



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 מקלחון סולארי לגינה

20 liters

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