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After deciding to build a swimming pool, you need to think about safety issues. Knowing that your children are safe when they play in the garden around the swimming pool will make you feel calm and worry free. We recommend our different swimming pool safety precautions such as the swimming pool fence and more. With these precautions you can stop worrying and know that your children are safe even when you are not in the area.

Today some local authorities demand installing safety precautions, as a term for getting permission to build a swimming pool. We suggest every house that has a swimming pool and small children, to put up a fence and to obtain safety precautions.

We offer the following safety products: 







Electric Safe Pool cover from "Coverstar"

Extra strong pool cover that prevents small children and animals from falling into the swimming pool. (Can carry up to 2 tons). The cover includes a strong, fast and water proof motor, and an option to open and close it with a key or a code. This way the swimming pool can stay closed if there is no adult around. 


  כיסוי חשמלי לבריכה    


Safety Mesh Fence

A decretive French made fence that surrounds the swimming pool. The safety mesh fence includes a gate for maximum comfort.  

  גדר בטיחות לבריכה   גדר לבריכת שחייה

Alarm system that alerts fallings

The system alerts children or animals when falling into the swimming pool, and operates a siren. The siren goes off, in the device itself, and another siren goes off in a wireless device located in the house.





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