Solar pool cover


Solar Pool Cover



There are many sunny days even before summer begins, when the sun can be used to heat up the pool. The solar cover transfers the sunlight into the pool, and increases the water heating process, as well as maintaining the water temperture throughout the day and night. Using the solar cover will give you more days to use your pool.  

During the summer months,water evaporayin increases. By using the solar cover, you will prevent water evaporation as well as money evaporation.  




Sapir Swimming Pools and Spa Systems are committed to the national effort of saving the Kineret, and offer a high quality solar pool cover, that prevents 95% of water evaporation, at low cost. Sapir Swimming Poolshave had exclusive rights to this electric safety cover since 2011. The new and advanced INFINITY 5000 is the state of the art suloution in electric pool covers. The cover fabric uses a special technology that allows inner ventilation of the pool water, in a way that chemicals do not remain under the cover. The INFINITY 5000 has a more advanced and a stronger motor than the INFINITY 4000. The new motor has a safty stop mechanism that prevents it from closing, when any obstacleis  in its way. 



The solar pool cover is a revolutionary cover that floats on the pool, preventing 95% of the water evaporation, helps keep the pool warm, and helps to keep it clean. By using a pool cover, you save up to 70% of chemical consumption in the pool. A solar pool cover extends your swimming season, and saves energy in heated pools.

You can lay out the cover manually, or purchase specialy designed pulleys, that will make the job easier. 



Now at 39 NIS per square meter

 Add 39 NIS per square meter, and have the cover Sewn on all sides, with aluminum rings and preparation for a pulley.





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