Vinyl lining for the Pool


Vinyl lining for the Pool- Above All Expectations

The vinyl coating the walls of the panel pools is one of the most important parts of building a pool. Beside the architectural design of the pool, there is a considerable importance to a vinyl coating on the perfect visual impression. Not only does the vinyl protect the walls of the pool from time and nature damages, but it is also used as a designed background sheet. The vinyl is infact the look of the pool, which we will see every day, once it's built. The vinyl cover is exposed to sun, water, chlorine, UV rays, and hot and cold weather, and this is why its quality is extremely important. Adjusting the vinyl needs to be done by specialists. The vinyl coating needs to look perfect, without bumps, folds or bubbles and the soldering needs to be adjusted, clean and sealed. Assembling the vinyl lining correctly can prevent many problems with the swimming pool, in years to come.   

The vinyl lining catalog

Look at the catalog of the vinyl lining we provide: 



UltraSeam- the strongest seams you've ever seen!

The LATHAM Company has created a whole new category of vinyl lining. UltraSeam- our exclusive process allows strong and almost invisible seams.

No more visible lines on the pool floor!


Pacific Tide / Prism Isabella / Blue Granite Geometric / Crystal Terrazzo / Coral Cambridge / Prism
Gulf Coast / Gold Pebble Summerwave / Deep Slate Gray / Black Granite Inverness / Blue Marble Mountain Top / Blue Mosaic
Bali / Blue Granite Tan Sierra / Gold Pebble Coventry / Prism Capri / Fresco II Cancun / Blue Granite
Indigo Marble / Blue Granite Solona / Blue Marble Blue Sierra / Crystal Hamilton / Cobblestone Stone Braid / Prism
Panama / Prism Marble Inlay / Crystal Caesar’s Palace / Prism Legends / Deep Blue Fusion Cheyenne / Crystal
Monte Rio Brownstone /
Stone Tite
Solona / Blue Marble Blue Monte Rio /
Blue Stone Tite
Solona / Blue Marble Blue Marble
aolona blue marble indigo marble blue granite full blue marble


*these are only a few of the options, many other options are available

Sapir Swimming pools do not compromise on 3 things when it comes to installing the perfect vinyl lining to a swimming pool:



·         The Design- the most noticeable thing in a pool is the design of the print. At Sapir Swimming Pools we import the most elite prints from leading companies in the world. These companies use the highest quality of color formulas and printing materials. After choosing the color and print you want, a computerized system will print out the design in a clear and accurate way. New!!! New!!!- starting from today you can combine ceramic or mosaic cladding, together with a vinyl lining in panel pools. Sapir Swimming Pools imports to Israel a revolutionary solution that combines cladding with vinyl.

·         The Quality- our vinyl lining lasts for a long time, thanks to the great quality of the vinyl we use. Our vinyl is tear, stretch and extreme weather resistant. The cutting and the design of the vinyl lining is done with a computerized system, fitting every kind of pool the perfect cut for it. The result is a beautiful and exact cladding for your swimming pool. Every vinyl coating in our company goes through a strict review process, promising you a flawless product. Additionally, the special pigments that we use have an added ingredient that kills fungus and another coating of transparent acrylic.

·         The Service- at Sapir Swimming Pools we promise to supply as fast as we can the vinyl lining that you have chosen. We put an emphasis on quick and thorough work, with perfect finishing. Additionally we are proud to give you kind, professional and unbeatable service, including quick solutions in urgent cases.

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