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Building Panel Swimming Pools




New in Israel! Overflow panel pools are significantly cheaper than overflow concrete pools!




Panel pools are built using advanced technology techniques, reducing building and maintenance costs significantly. Pools can be built in any shape or size, using special panels that are resistant to ground movements and that maintain the structure of the pool for many years. This frame is coated with a special vinyl lining that comes in different styles and prints.

Sapir Swimming Pools is Israel's exclusive representative of the American company HYDRA POOLS. HYDRA POOLS has been producing Panel swimming pools for the past fifty years and is known in America as the most reliable and qualitative company in the field. 



בריכות שחיה מתועשות


The building process

The process of building a Panel swimming pool in your garden takes about 10 working days, and is carried out by our qualified teams who have many years of experience.

We provide creative solutions for our clients. We make your dream pool possible.  



Only the Graphex panel from Pacific Pools offers superior strength and performance.


There are many imitation panels out there, but all polymer pool panels are NOT the same. The Graphex panel and brace system from Pacific Pools is the only system on the market with 50 years of

outstanding performance.






Sapir Swimming Pools and Spa Systems are committed to the highest uncomprimising quality. For this reason we have chosen to build swimming pools using polymer technology made from hardened PVC that protects the pool from weather damage and ground movement.    


לוחות בריכה מתועשת




Panel pools are very popular and can be found in many homes in Israel. The cost of building a panel swimming pool can be half that of building a similar concrete pool. Additionally, the maintenance costs are lower, because leaks can be easily located and fixed, whereas in a concrete pool, fixing a leak can be very complicated, and require extensive renovation. In addition, renovating a panel pool  usually only requires a change of the vinyl liner, costing only a few thousand shekels, while renovating a concrete pool requires changing the cladding and can cost tens of thousands of shekels.  









Panel pools can be built in a variety of shapes and sizes:

דוגמא לצורות בריכה מתועשת דוגמא לצורות בריכה מתועשת

Additionally, we can build a panel swimming pool in any size or shape you wish.

 Visit our one of a kind "show garden", to see different panel pools.

At Sapir Swimming Pools we build every kind of swimming pool, according to the customer's wish- panel pool, concrete pools and fiberglass pools.



The process of building a panel pool

A panel swimming pool is built by the Sapir team in a number of stages:




1. The first step requires digging up the ground for the placement of  the pool.
In existing homes this can be done using small digger which can be lifted into the garden by a crane, or through an opening in the fence.

חפירת בריכת שחיה

2. After this, the wall panels of the pool are installed. These panels are used instead of the traditional concrete casting walls. Sapir Swimming Pools uses panels made from special thermoplastic material, that are resistant to the type of ground movement which occur in Israel, and can withstand weather damage. You can be assured that  your pool is strong and safe

תהליך בניית בריכות שחיה




3. The swimming pool walls are secured to the ground using poured concrete

יציקה מסביב לבריכת שחיה

4. Once the thermoplastic walls have been installed, the floor of the pool is poured and smoothed

בניית בריכות שחיה




5. The last step before filling a panel pool with water, is installing the vinyl liner.
The vinyl liner which fits each pool exactly  is made from a strong rubber like material, made in USA and/ or Canada. The vinyl lining is an essential  part of a panel pool as it is the most visible part of the pool. The vinyl lining comes in a variety of prints simulating ceramic or mosaic patterns. You can choose any print to suit your taste.

התקנת ויניל בבריכת שחיה

6After installing the vinyl lining, all that's left is to fill up the pool with water and take a jump into the good life…

מילוי מים בבריכת שחיה




The  machine room of a private pool is only 1.5 square meters, and has a spinning pump, a sand filter for cleaning and filtering the water, and a chlorination machine for disinfecting the water. We recommend using the American company  HAYWARD'S equipment. HAYWARD is a world leader in private swimming pool equipment. 





After deciding to build a swimming pool, it's important consider safety issues.  Children may be unattended around the pool  and it's important to ensure that your pool is build for pleasure and does not become the cause of your stress. The awareness for safety has risen in the past few years and most local authorities require installing safety measures around the pool.

A safety measure can be a fence surrounding the pool with a lockable gate, or an electrical safety cover that opens with a key or a code. This way the pool stays closed when there is no adult around. We also sell alarm systems that alert if a child has fallen in the water. 




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