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מערכת ספא ג'קוזי SwimSpa


 SwimSpa- a perfect combination of enjoyment and movement

Sapir Swimming Pools and Spa Systems are proud to present a revolutionary innovative system that allows you to enjoy the perfect combination of a swimming pool and a pampering spa system. On the one hand of the system you can enjoy yourself with hydrotherapy massage seats, and on the other you can enjoy a swimming pool with powerful water cannons that allow you to practice swimming against the current. SwimSpa is an ideal solution for houses with small grounds that want a swimming pool but can't have one because of lack of space. Additionally, you will be glad to know that no permits from the local authority are needed with this system. 









Sapir Swimming Pools and Spa Systems offer you a range of advanced SwimSpa Jacuzzi spa systems:

Model: SwimSpa QX4

Meet the ultimate machine for your house- 3 Jacuzzi spa systems in one unit. This revolutionary Jacuzzi spa system includes 4 extra strong water cannons, for swimming against the current and 5 seats for a 48 jet hydrotherapy massage, with an amazing WAVE seat. The best this about this is that this Jacuzzi spa system is equipped with 2 separate water temperature control systems. One system for the training area and the other for the relaxing massage area. The system helps you control the temperature in each area separately. The training area is separated from the massage area by a clear partition that's simply removed. Removing the partition turns the Jacuzzi spa system into a perfect family spa- so big you can even invite your neighbors…






The SwimSpa QX4 jacuzzi spa system includes:

On the training side:

·         Separate heating and filtering system

·         Command system

·         4 powerful water cannons

·         Separate water regulators for each water cannon

·         Ozonator

·         Under water lighting

·         Hard thermal cover





מערכת ספא qx4

On the Jacuzzi side:

·         Separate filtering and heating system

·         Command system

·         5 massage seats

·         43 hydrotherapy massage jets

·         WAVE seat- 24 jets simulating a wave feel

·         5 foot massage jets

·         2 engines with 2 speeds each

·         1 engine with 1 speed for the air jets

·         Ozonator

·         Regulators to control jet power

·         Under water lighting

·         Head rests


מערכות ספא ג'קוזי




מערכת ספא ג'קוזי מפוארת



A 6 seater hydrotherapy massage luxurious system, equipped with 37 jets for an amazing massage. The system is like the QX4 but without the separating partition.

·         Length- 450 cm

·         Width- 250 cm

·         Depth- 135 cm

This luxurious system includes:

·         Color changing LED lighting

·         Under water sound system

·         Ozonator

·         Aromatherapy system streaming fragrances

·         Hard thermal cover




מערכת ספא Swimspa



ג'קוזי swimspa











מערכת ספא ג'קוזי מפוארת


SwimSpa- swimming with the flow

SwimSpa Jacuzzi spa systems have become an extreamly popular product in the past few years.The SwimSpa Jacuzzi system allows you to train by swimming against the current and to combine a perfect hydrotherapy massage.  




The SwimSpa Jacuzzi system may look like a big Jacuzzi, but it's actually a swimming simulator offering you all the healthy benefits of swimming without needing a big long swimming pool. The SwimSpa regularly flows a high pressured water stream, which enables you to swim against the current. Unlike swimming in a swimming pool, the SwimSpa allows the user to set the water pressure for an easy relaxing swim or for a fast and strenuous one by controlling the speed and power of the engines. Sapir's SwimSpa is equipped with the best technology, and with four stream cannons that are adjustable, allowing you to choose the and water flow direction.   



The SwimSpa Jacuzzi spa systems offered by Sapir Swimming pools are not just swimming against current systems, they also supply a perfect hydrotherapy massage with the massage seats in it


This way, if someone is training in the water, another person can enjoy a pampering massage. Additionally, we offer SwimSpa Jacuzzi spa systems with a partition that separates between the swimming area to the massage area, so you can have a different water temperature on every side. The person who is swimming will probably want colder water than the person enjoying a massage who will want hot water. There is a range of additions you can add to your SwimSpa Jacuzzi spa system. Underwater sound systems, LED lighting and more…



The SwimSpa can be installed in your garden, inside your house, on your rooftop and even inside the ground. The advanced systems come with an ozonator that disinfects the water and minimizes the usage of other chemicals. All the SwimSpa systems come with a hard thermal cover, helping you keep your water clean and warm, preventing evaporation and saving on chemicals. Using the thermal cover saves you half of your using costs on SwimSpa Jacuzzi spa systems. 





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