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Spa Systems | Spa System | Jaczzi


Sapir Spa Systems offers a jump into the good life and offers the most pampering product out there. A perfect hydrotherapy Jacuzzi.

Spending time at a luxurious hotel includes dipping in the refreshing Jacuzzi and calming your body and soul from day to day stresses. We pay a lot of money to enjoy the calmness of spas in hotels.

This is why after experiencing spas and Jacuzzis during holidays many people decide to create themselves a tranquility area at home as well. This way they enjoy all the spa benefits, in the comfort of their home.

This is where Sapir Spa Systems come into the picture and offer the most advanced spa systems in the world.

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We import to Israel spa systems from Europe's leading German company VILLEROY & BOCH which are made by BULLFROG USA with patents and unique technology that save energy and still keep the products at maximum comfort.

Also we import spa systems from the leading American company, SUNBELT SPA.

These spa systems are installable indoors and outdoors, depending on your choice. The Jacuzzis are made with the highest quality materials and can resist any type of weather, especially Israeli weather.  

SUNBELT SPA has thought of every little detail, and has created the most elaborate spa system, giving you a perfect real hydrotherapy massage. Extraordinary planning gives your body perfect support- the placement of your arms, back, legs and head will release stress from your body perfectly. SNBELT SPA has developed a Jacuzzi system that's planned perfectly for the human body, this way the water pressure on your body is regulated.  

VILLEROY & BOCH BY BULLFROG'S spa systems are the best in the world by any standard. All VILLEROY & BOCH BY BULLFROG'S Jacuzzi systems are handmade precisely with extra attention. All the spa systems include JETPAKS unique technology-replaceable jet seats that allow you to design your Jacuzzi with any jet formation you may decide.

VILLERO& BOCH spa systems leave it up to you to make all the choices in your Jacuzzi. You can choose to put the jets any way you decide by choosing the JETPAKS and placing the jets wherever you want. These are the only systems in the world that allow you to choose the formation of your jets, and don’t dictate it to you like other companies. VILLEROY & BOCH BY BULLFROG'S spa systems offer the highest quality of saps with the largest variety of option.

Sapir Swimming Pools and Spa Systems offer spa systems equipped with the most advance technology and a range of patents from SUNBELT SPA, including an underwater sound system, which allows you to enjoy music while you are in the water. Also, Computerized spectacular LED lighting that changes colors and puts you in a calmer, more relaxed mood, aromatherapy systems, wave seats and more. Our exclusive spa systems include a range of different models and can suit any size or budget.

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