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Sapir Swimming Pools and Spa Systems offer the best service you can find.

Why should you choose Sapir Pools over any another company?

Compared to other companies, Sapir Pools are different and unique. Sapir's professional service accompanies clients right from begining the project and for many more years to come. If you want to behave a look at the latest supplies and gadgets in the swimming pool world, you are welcome to our "show garden",

a one of a kind in Israel, at Tzomet Sgula.

3 Gazit st. Petach Tikva


Sapir Swimming Pools, our expertise- your pampering!



An instruction system for swimming pool maintenance -
directly to your smart phone

In addition to our professional service,

we supply our products with a support system that works via smart phones. 




  • Acidity level test
  • Salt level test
  • Filter level test
  • Weekly recommended actions
  • Pool chlorination
  • Guidance, tips and more




Sapir Pools - The cohsen Pool for the Israeli TV Reality Shows:



Big Brother

Next Genaration 24/7
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Coverstar- automatic safety WiFi cover with a touch screen that will send you alerts via SMS

You can receive an alert to your email or as a text message whenever the cover opens and/or closes. Also, if the cover stays open for longer than you originally decided, you will receive an alert.

The "Latham" company helps keep you calm with its WiFi touch screen. It also has a smart sensor that turns the system off, if it recognizes operating problems.

The new touch screen is easy to install into existing cover systems, for a new level of safety for your family.  


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 Fiberglas Pool | Freedom- Fiberglas pool

Some of the pools come with a built in massage bed/ Jacuzzi!

Sapir Swimming Pools imports the best fiberglass swimming pools in the world made by the Australian brand FREEDOM.

These pools are made with the most advanced technology in the world, using the highest quality materials.


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Swimming pool supplies-

CoolPool is a company that belongs to the Sapir group. CoolPool imports and sells swimming pools supplies and equipment.

In the store you can find a range of products such as: inflatables, water games, hot tub and swimming pool equipment, chemicals and many more products for upgrading your swimming pool and pool area.  



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Noam Thor and Yael Goldman enjoying themselves in a Sapir Pool Spa

Watch Noam Thor and Yael Goldman's article- about home spa systems 


Menachen Horwitz from channel 2 about Sapir Pools

Watch Menachem Horowitz's article from Channel 2- about private swimming pools

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New and exclusive at Sapir Swimming Pools- overflow pools at amazing prices

Sapir Pools have sole rights to installing overflow swimming pools with PVC cladding. These are amazing looking pool and at the highest quality. Now you can have a stunning pool at an outstanding price. 

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ג?קוזי מתנפח נייד


Inflatable Mobile Jacuzzi- Camaro

There probably doesn't exist a better inflatable Jacuzzi for four people than the Camaro. Besides it being elegant and modernly designed it's made from premium hard synthetic leather and is equipped with 115 massage jet.

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חימום סולארי לבריכות ביתיות


Swimming Pools Solar Heating- heating your swimming pool with solar energy

Sapir Swimming Pools is proud to present solar systems for heating up swimming pools, made by "Plastic Magen"- the world's leading solar system pool heating company.

Solar heating is an effective, clean and eco friendly solution that helps you extend your swimming season without spending any more money on heating the water.  

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Solar Cover-  enjoy your pool also in the winter

This is the time to extend your swimming season and to continu to enjoy your pool as it becomes winter. A solar cover absorbs the heat of the sun during the day, heats the water and keeps it warm during the night.

A solar cover is a revolutionary floating cover, that prevents 95% of water evaporation and helps keep the water warm and clean.

The cover is easy to lay out manually, or you can purchase pulleys from us, that will make it easier for you.

The cover extends your swimming season, saves energy and the usage of chemicals.

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קירור וחימום בריכות


Heating and cooling system for pools

New in Israel, a heating and cooling system for swimming pools that’s based on a heat pump, that can heat the pool not only in the summer, but during the winter as well.

You set a temperature- and the heat pump maintains it

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